In some photos I see house features that are missing from other photos. What's up?

We first bought Araminta House in 2015 and we quickly set out to do upgrades, extensions and renovations. The biggest project was the resort style backyard. Before we put it in there was a green lawn and a number of holes in the garden, so in some of the images you may see grass, however there is absolutely no grass at Araminta House these days.

We’ve also replaced the floors in the Master suite (hardwood) and the Casita (Travertine) from the original carpets. Again, some of the photos will show the old carpets but rest assured they have been replaced.

Here is an old image of the backyard: Araminta House (33)

Everything looks so small. Is it a house for small people?

The truth is that everything in the house is big. In fact, the ceilings are so tall that everything else get dwarfed. An easy way to expose the optical illusion is to know that the Master bedroom has a King size bed and the Casita, Bedroom 2 and Bedroom 3 all have Queen size beds. If you look at the photos with that in mind you will understand that the ceilings are up there in the clouds somewhere.

This photo from the Casita bedroom is a great example. That doesn’t look like a Queen bed, but it is!

2015-01-30 Araminta 0011 (1024x678)

Some photos have watermarked. Why did you put them there?

Early on when we started advertising our home as a vacation rental destination someone stole our pictures and posted them on Craigslist, trying to scam people into paying the scammers. By putting the watermark on the pictures we are hoping anyone seeing the watermark will go to and learn that we don’t advertise on Craigslist.

Vacation Rental Scam Warning