Author: Håkan

Scam warning

“It’s so easy to believe someone when they are telling you exactly what you want to hear.” Sadly, it is human nature to discount obvious warning signs when it should be clear something is wrong but we desperately want to believe them to be legitimate. For instance, if you are looking for a retreat for your family to enjoy some time in the sun, in Scottsdale, in March, during spring training, at a decent price, with a heated pool, that is available – then you are a prime target for scammers – and you are likely to fall for...

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Scottsdale and Cave Creek yearly temperature, precipitation and sunshine hours

Here are some important facts about the local weather, covering temperature, rainfall and sunshine hours throughout the year. Note that the south end of Scottsdale and Phoenix are at about 1,000 ft elevation. Araminta House is at about 2,000 ft elevation. Going north the elevation keeps climbing with the higher elevations in North Scottsdale and Cave Creek reaching 2,500 ft and above. That means our actual temperature is sometime higher and sometimes lower then you find further south at lower elevations. If you were to continue north a couple if hours you would reach Sedona and then Flagstaff with...

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The fastest cooker in the world

Ever used an induction cooker top? It is quite the experience! Absolutely nothing heats quicker than this cooker. Well, nothing in a normal kitchen that is. A kettle full of water takes less than two minutes to bring to a boil. A steak takes less than a minute to burn… Oops, yes, as fantastic as it is, it does require some careful experimentation and learning before setting out to cook for the big party. First, put a pan on the cooking area of choice Second, turn on the cooker: press the right-most button on the touch panel – the...

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