Ever used an induction cooker top? It is quite the experience! Absolutely nothing heats quicker than this cooker. Well, nothing in a normal kitchen that is. A kettle full of water takes less than two minutes to bring to a boil. A steak takes less than a minute to burn… Oops, yes, as fantastic as it is, it does require some careful experimentation and learning before setting out to cook for the big party.

  1. First, put a pan on the cooking area of choice
  2. Second, turn on the cooker: press the right-most button on the touch panel – the cooker comes on.
  3. Third, turn on a cooking area: select the appropriate section and press the corresponding power button.
  4. Fourth, for that cooking area, press the up button – now you have full power to the cooking area. You can adjust it down, or back up.

Tip! If the cooker doesn’t respond to touches:

  • Wipe any excess water and grease off the surface and try again
  • Use another finger (e.g. you thumb) to press the button
  • Let another family member try; okay, now you think there is some magic going on but for whatever reason it makes a difference.

Keep scrolling down to learn more from the owners manual below!

You can learn more about induction cooking here: Other things to know about induction cookers

The full manufacturers manual can be downloaded here: http://manuals.electroluxusa.com/prodinfo_pdf/Lassomption/318200640en.pdf